1. Property Developer Series

OFFERING fast, timely and cost effective drone services.
DELIVERING flexible and interactive project progress report in most impactful manner to project owners (Manager), Property Developer and relevant Government Authority/Regulator.


2. Drone GIS Series

OFFERING fast and unique drone services and innovative solutions
DELIVERING comprehensive, integrated and cost effective, multi-layered Web GIS Mappings to government, local authority, service providers, utility owners and property developers.


3. Agriculture Series

OFFERING fast and cost effective drone services
DELIVERING innovative solutions to meet current and future agricultural and environmental challenges to Government Authority, NGO, International Bodies and Agencies.


4. Environmental Series

OFFERING fast and cost effective drone services
DELIVERING innovative solutions to meet current and future environmental and conservation challenges to Government Authority, NGO, International Bodies and Agencies.


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Other Stand-alone Services:

Whether it is 3D Mapping, Point Cloud or GIS,  all these complex formats which are traditionally available locally on your computer, can now be made available online using our expertise and know-how. This will greatly improve our client experience. Our web-based approach ensure our data to be safely made available on ANY platform with Internet access, WITHOUT any plugin and extra software!

3D Mapping

Aerial Survey


Humanitarian Aid

  1. Digital Surface Model (DSM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Contour and Point Cloud Generation 
    These will give you another dimension in land planning, depth perception, less abstraction and generalization. You can better visualize the landscape in your computer, leading to better information decisions making. Point cloud is very powerful format to perform distance, surface area and volume measurement. We are highly capable to make these formats easily accessible in web-based format.
  2. Film and TV, Photography 
    Some memorable scene, event and moment are always important to be captured. Some event requires high cost professional helicopter service to do the recording or live event, but not with us. We offer low cost aerial photography services.    View Portfolio  
  3. Ground Survey with Map Synchronisation 
    User can adjust the interactive slider to any point of interest on the map and see what it looks like from the synced real footage. Elevation, slope percentage, speed and location are shown on the dashboard interface to easily evaluate the road and its surrounding.      View Portfolio  
  4. Hybrid 3D Rendering (H3DR) 
    Combining both real footage and 3D Model, mock-up construction site, project and infrastructure can easily be done. Our expertise allow this service to be provided from the beginning to the end (in form of presentation material and much more). 
  5. Traffic Congestion Alert 
    Traffic congestion is a common problem in Malaysia especially in urban area. This is a daily problem and can be caused by car accident or rush hour. Traffic congestion due to car accident is harder to predict as it can happen anytime and anywhere. People who encounter this kind of congestion will be clueless and wouldn’t know what happens. With our services, we can offer live congested road assessment for immediate action.
  6. Technical Maintainence 
    Power lines and other tall constructions have to be regularly maintained. To record requirements or document the condition, you have to laboriously climb them or fly past them in helicopters. Both alternatives are equally expensive. We can 3D map the tall construction for your assessment and documentation.
  7. Industry 
    Whether building documentation from laying the foundation stone to the finished object, the aerial survey of industrial plants or project planning and simulation, our aerial platforms provide a variety of applications for industrial use. GPS systems on board of drone enable precise positioning and reproducible images.
  8. Thermography 
     Defective cells on solar panels can only be detected from outside using a thermal imaging camera. Both ground-mounted and roof-mounted systems are difficult to access because you ideally need a perpendicular view of the slanting solar cells. OFO drone equipped with thermal imaging camera is capable to perform the task. 
  9. Agriculture 
     The thermal image camera on board air allows the accurate determination of maturity and best harvest time, exploration of crop failure due to hail or pests in the field or the finding of wild boar nests for hunting.



Densified Point Cloud


Digital Surface Model (DSM)


Contour Line


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Type of Services and Collaboration:

  1. Consultancy 
    To provide end-to-end integrated total solutions as required by an enterprise, Government or industry, that need intensive customisation and professional supports. 
  2. Training Services 
    1. General training to import technical knowledge as part of our corporate social responsibility to the Nation, People of the country. We will collaborate with both Public or Private sector, Agencies or bodies.
    2. Customised training as per any Government bodies or enterprises or private sectors including NGOs etc. We believe in sharing knowledge, expanding expertise, creating and sharing opportunities.
  3. Solution Provider 
    Supplying of stand-alone or integrated platform as total solution encompassing the full range of UAVs and Drones from simple hobbyists type to strategic and other professional services. We will source and advise the procurement and support from end-to-end, as a complete service solution from our Ohsem service offering.
  4. Participate with any Government or GLC Bodies to: 
    1. Formulate Policy, Strategy, Master Plans and Blue Prints for the Research and Development of the technology for both strategic and commercial purposes for the country.
    2. To develop operational framework for the use of UAV, Drones or any similar devices that provide the safety to the public, protect the environment and most important, complying to the Rules and Regulation of the Land.