A creative team that creates ohsem mapping all day, every day

How We Got Started

It all started by an individual idea and very much driven by the Interests. The ideas took off, literally using in-house Drone assembly and Software development researches from different sources. The ideas and interests later given a giant boosts with the combined minds of a Telecommunication Engineer and a Drone Specialists, and later boosted with the presence of an Software Engineer and an experienced Creative personnel.  The convergence of all the ideas, interest and expertise/resources has finally turn into a Blue Ocean Business Strategy. The strategy is now being nurtured into commercial undertakings by organisations lead by young Technopreneuers.

OFO Ecosystem

OFO Media and Social Media

OFO Media and Social Media is our medium in the social network such as Facebook and Twitter. The purpose of OFO Media and Social Media is to create awareness of the drone technology, exchange knowledge and information regarding the benefit of technology, and at the same time publicise OFO as a brand.

OFO Services and Solution

OFO offers various services for industrial and engineering application, Geographic Information System (GIS), surveying, photogrammetry, 3D mapping, humanitarian aid and more. Our team are highly capable in executing the task, delivering satisfaction and service quality.

We are also offering numbers of service series such as Property Developer Series, Agriculture Series, Drone GIS Series and Environment Series. All of these series focus on all the need and demand in the respected field and industries.

OFO Consultation and Training

OFO Consultation and Training is a consultation service offer to clients who seek solution for their need. The clients can be government agency, private and public sector. The team will assist and give advice based on the customer requirements. Give us a call, and we are ready to meet you soon

OFO Community

OFO Community is our social service to the community. In the event of natural disaster such as flood and any accident, tragedy, or neighbourhood issues that need media coverage such as illegal structure around local residency, we will be ready to participate and contribute.

OFO Research and Development

OFO Research and Development will be focusing on cooperation between OFO and higher education institutions. OFO will actively participate in any research involving drone and UAV technology.

1 Team, 1 Mission

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring professional skills, ohsem thought and ideas to the table.

Armi Abd Majid

Founder / CEO

Fadhirul Fitri


Fauzy Mohd Rahim

Chief Flying Officer

Mustaqim Siddi Que


Muhammad Hijazi

Lead Software Engineer

Mira Zuraika

Marketing Director

Zamil Zakaria

Financial Advisor

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Mutz

Technical Advisor

Sr. Ali bin Ahmad

Survey Advisor

Abd Majid Abdullah

Corporate and Business Strategy Advisor

Dato Taufic Effendi

Aviation Advisor

Zulkifli Jamalludin

Business Development Advisor

Our team consists of Technical Team “Engineering the Impossibilities, Pilot Team “Humanising the Impossibilities,

Creative Team  “Rendering the Unseen” and Advisory Team “Grounding the Realities

We’ve had the privilege to work with some ohsem clients

We have outstanding collaboration and partnership with our clients. We are in our way to new future partnership with valuation company, property developer, Heritage Malaysia, State Government and Survey Company.