Powerful solutions for efficient construction progress. Reality Monitoring

Our solutions power UAV data across governments and local agencies around the country.


Our special solution will give you the ability to go to any point of the recorded progress report, time-wise and location wise.

Data analysis, presentation and study is now made easier than ever.




Our solution will provide you the ability to overlay technical and construction drawing more intuitively, high resolution and precise. 

No more papers. Presentation and verification of construction drawing is now more efficient than ever.


Our UAV data can provide you the Digital Surface Model (DSM) and terrain contour of given area for further analysis. 

Data analysis of terrain height is now more simpler.


We are combining our solution with survey-grade GPS tools, to provide much needed accuracy of aerial surveying; improvement to several centimeter horizontal- and vertical-accuracy.

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) equipped drone is also being deployed to provide accurate and precise maneuverability, as well as accurate data geotagging.

Time Saving

Cost Saving

Manpower Reduction

Work Progress

Welcome to the future of construction industry

See how our solutions drives construction industry to the future of engineering 

Evolution of Construction Industry

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Distance measurement 
Area measurement 
Volume/Stockpile measurement 
Water level analysis
Slope analysis
User friendly

Track your project progress through web application

Track construction progress across multiple management levels through web

Data collection in one integrated system
Access progress towards goals
Review plans from contractors
View assets for records
Accessible through all multimedia devices
Fast and reliable
Time Saving

Intergration with Building Information Modeling (BIM)

UAV Data & BIM intergration

Clash detection analysis
Overlook problems ahead
Concentration on critical decision making 
Real-time situation update
Review design efficiently
User friendly

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