All about OFO Tech, 2018 Malaysia UAV Services Entrepreneurial Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

Founded in 2015, OFO Tech is an Unmanned  Aerial System (UAS) solution provider based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We cater for various engineering, intelligent and industrial applications in numerous sectors including construction, energy, utilities, infrastructure, facilities, plantation, environmental, real estate and forestry.

We have recorded more than 2,000 hours of flight time over 120,000 hectares of land areas including a huge track of forest, mountain and more than 10,000 km of roads & highways with 0 incident since our inception.

120000 Ha
Land Areas
Roads & Highways
Flight Hours

OFO Tech emphasize innovations, creativity and development. 


Our Academic and Commercial Research are supported by our own OFO Lab, consisting of OFO Hardware Lab and OFO Data Processing Lab, enhance with our global networks of expertise.

Our Development Centre emphasizes development in Platform (Drone, UAV) Development, System Support, Software and Data Processing, Creative and Engineering Development Systems.

We have our own eco-system

OFO Services and Solution

OFO offers various services for industrial and engineering application, Geographic Information System (GIS), surveying, photogrammetry, 3D mapping, humanitarian aid and more. Our team are highly capable in executing the task, delivering satisfaction and service quality.

We are also offering numbers of service series such as Property Developer Series, Agriculture Series, Drone GIS Series and Environment Series. All of these series focus on all the need and demand in the respected field and industries.

OFO Community

OFO Community is our social service to the community. In the event of natural disaster such as flood and any accident, tragedy, or neighbourhood issues that need media coverage such as illegal structure around local residency, we will be ready to participate and contribute.

OFO Research and Development

OFO Research and Development will be focusing on cooperation between OFO and higher education institutions. OFO will actively participate in any research involving drone and UAV technology.

OFO Media and Social Media

OFO Media and Social Media is our medium in the social network such as Facebook and Instagram. The purpose of OFO Media and Social Media is to create awareness of the drone technology, exchange knowledge and information regarding the benefit of technology, and at the same time publicize OFO as a brand.

OFO Consultation and Training

OFO Consultation and Training is a consultation service offer to clients who seek solution for their need. Our previous clients are government agencies, private and public sector. The team will assist and give advice based on the customer requirements. 



At OFO Tech, we create environment for our team to be creative, innovative, self-starter, research-driven and positive mindsets.

Our in-house innovation and solutions offer greater flexibility in configuration and setup, meeting industrial standard, requirement and other regulatory compliance.


The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. We develop new solution for future innovation.

Man-Machine Solution


What took forever to be completed in the past, with technology and innovation, will now take only minutes to be accomplished.

Our solutions offer optimal configuration and project management efficiency to ensure smooth on- and off-field operation.

Conventional Method


Our Solution



As a professional UAS-based solution & service provider, we ensure full compliance to the law & regulation in all of our planning and operations.

In all of our field operation, health and safety are our utmost concern.

Most important, we are GREEN.

OFO Tech partner with professionals in different expertise around the world 

We can't wait to be part of you to solve your most critical problems