Powerful solutions for yield growth development.

Our solutions power yield increment across agriculture industry around the country


from Above

High Resolution Imagery
Geo-reference Imagery
Large Area Coverage
Multiple Zoom Level Capability
High Accuracy
No Cloud Cover
Distance Measurement
Area Measurement

Manage from Above

Bad Crops Identification
Optimization for Land Used Management
Access Land Towards Goals
Overlook Problem Ahead
View Assets for Records
Bring Your Plantation Closer to You
Fast & Reliable Management

Intelligent Tree Count

High Accuracy Semi-Auto Tree Count
Aim Towards High Yield Production
Excellent for Plantation Management
Large Area Coverage Analysis
Better Financial Planning
Fast & Reliable Result
Time Efficient

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

Crop Health Analysis
Aim for High Yield Production
Early Crop Problem Detection
Clear Indicator (Green-Red)
High Resolution Imagery 
Large Area Coverage Analysis
Time & Cost Saving

Area Coverage Compare to Human

Time Saving

Cost Saving

Yield Increment

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